Knysna's Magical Sunset Cruises

Welcome aboard Magic Lagoon Charters, where unforgettable memories await on our enchanting Sunset Cruise! Step into a world of tranquil beauty as we invite you to experience the mesmerizing splendor of nature’s canvas painted in hues of gold and crimson. Set sail with us on a journey through the sparkling waters of the Magic Lagoon, where time seems to slow down and worries dissolve with every gentle wave.


12 Pax
Classic & Classy

Explore Knysna in our 104-year-old Thames River Launch which we imported from London to its Knysna home in 2019. This traditional Thames River Launch is built from solid mahogany and designed to seat up to twelve passengers in absolute comfort. It has an open and covered area for you to enjoy the sun or sit in the shade. Relax, enjoy the view, the super smooth ride, and share the experience with your friends and family. Built in 1919, Coquette, meaning flirty, is an antique and the oldest operating vessel in Africa. Explore the lagoon, see the Knysna Heads up close and personal, all the while sipping on chilled bubbly or a selection of Knysna gin while the scenery slides by.
A historical experience.


9 Pax
Stunning & Stylish

A Vintage Champagne Cruiser, Pamela is perfect for exploring the entire lagoon from the red bridge to the Knysna heads. Built from solid mahogany she has space for nine people, includes a bowrider and we take it slow on the lagoon. Our “James Bond” boat, her beautiful lines and rich varnished wood makes her perfect for photos. Spoil yourself with our variety of drinks available. Feel the prestige of Pamela while cruising like a millionaire!
The smallest licenced pub in South Africa!

Olympic Flame

10 Pax – Min 4
Cruise like the Gods

A Luxury Motor Yacht, Olympic Flame is perfect for romantic and private cruises. Equipped with a cabin, toilet, kitchenette, and sundeck she is perfect for anchoring at the heads for the afternoon. Immerse yourself in this festive yacht experience, go swimming or suntan on the deck. Music on the water is perfectly paired with a toast of champagne, delicious cuisine, laughter or even dancing to the occasion. The ultimate yacht excursion with family and friends. Perfect for events and birthdays. Let the fun begin!
Cruise Like the Gods.