The Cape Cormorant

The Cape Cormorant is a common seabird species found along the southern coast of South Africa, including the town of Knysna and the nearby Knysna Heads. With its distinctive black plumage and bright yellow gular pouch, this bird is a familiar sight to locals and visitors alike.

Cape Cormorants are excellent swimmers and divers, and they are often seen fishing in the waters of the Knysna estuary and the surrounding ocean. They feed on a variety of small fish and other aquatic prey, diving from the surface to catch their food.

At the Knysna Heads, the Cape Cormorant can often be seen in large colonies, where they roost and breed on the cliffs and rocks along the shore. These colonies are impressive sights, with hundreds of birds gathered together in a single location.

In addition to its beauty, the Cape Cormorant is also an important part of the local ecosystem. As a top predator, this bird helps to control the populations of smaller fish species, helping to maintain a healthy balance in the local marine environment.

So if you’re visiting Knysna and the nearby Knysna Heads, be sure to keep an eye out for the Cape Cormorant! With its striking appearance and important role in the local ecosystem, this bird is sure to be one of the highlights of your visit.