The Cape Clawless Otter

The Cape Clawless Otter Nature’s treasures never cease to amaze us, and the Cape Clawless Otter is no exception. This fascinating creature, known for its playful nature and graceful movements, calls the pristine waters and lush landscapes of South Africa home. In this blog post, we embark on a journey of discovery to learn more […]

The Knysna Wild Oyster

The Knysna Wild Oyster Wild oysters found in Knysna and surrounding areas are a delicacy that attract visitors from all over the world. These oysters are part of the Cape rock oyster species (Saccostrea cucullata), which are known for their unique taste and texture. Unlike farm-raised oysters, wild oysters are harvested from the wild and […]

The Knysna Oyster Catcher

The Knysna Oyster Catcher The Knysna Oystercatcher, also known as the African Black Oystercatcher, is a striking bird species found along the southern and western coasts of South Africa. It’s easily recognized by its bright red bill and legs, and distinctive, loud calls. In the town of Knysna and surrounding areas, the Knysna Oystercatcher can […]

The Knysna Whales

The Knysna Whales Knysna, South Africa is a popular destination for whale watching, with visitors flocking to the town to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures every year. Located along the Garden Route, Knysna offers some of the best whale watching opportunities in the country, with a variety of species regularly visiting its waters. […]

The Cape Cormorant

The Cape Cormorant The Cape Cormorant is a common seabird species found along the southern coast of South Africa, including the town of Knysna and the nearby Knysna Heads. With its distinctive black plumage and bright yellow gular pouch, this bird is a familiar sight to locals and visitors alike. Cape Cormorants are excellent swimmers […]

Fish in the Knysna Lagoon

The Knysna estuary is home to a diverse array of fish species, making it a popular spot for fishing, boating and other water-based activities.

The Majestic Herons of the Knysna Lagoon

The Majestic Herons of the Knysna Lagoon Herons are majestic waterbirds commonly found in the Knysna Lagoon and its surrounding areas. They belong to the Ardeidae family and are known for their long legs, long neck, and sharp beaks. Herons are easily recognizable and are a familiar sight for many bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. […]

The Giant Mud Crab

The Giant Mud Crab The Giant Mud Crab, also known as the Knysna Mud Crab, is a fascinating species found in the Knysna Lagoon. These crabs are known for their large size, with a maximum carapace width of up to 25cm, making them one of the largest mud crabs found in South Africa. They are […]

Amazing Kingfishers

Amazing Kingfishers Knysna is a popular birding destination and is home to a variety of bird species. Two species of Kingfishers are among the most remarkable birds that can be seen in Knysna and its surrounds. These birds are renowned for their bright colors, distinctive calls and unique hunting style. In this article, we will […]

Knysna Shipwrecks

Knysna Shipwrecks Knysna is known for its stunning scenery and diverse wildlife, but it also has a rich history as a busy port town along the Indian Ocean trade route. This history is evident in the several shipwrecks that can still be found along the Knysna coastline. One of the most notable shipwrecks is the […]